Lewis Cedar


Lewis Cedar

In a long and varied career of acting, singing, and performing, Lewis Cedar has travelled the world, learning about life whilst experiencing and enjoying its richness and diversity. During the past 40 years, Lewis has performed in over 20 countries, and to thousands of different audiences.

He has entertained, guided and taught the full spectrum of social groupings and age ranges, from small children and babes in arms to enthusiastic audiences in their 80s and 90s. He has made records, performed on radio and television, and for many years conducted drama and personal development workshops for groups of students, teachers and others.

Lewis has spent many years learning about things that people do – and should do – to make progress in life both personally and professionally. He incorporates this knowledge into his courses and workshops, which are designed to help individuals and groups of workers who wish to learn more about themselves and their environment, to enhance their success.

Lewis has a wealth of information and many programmes which can improve interpersonal skills and help people feel even better about themselves. Programmes to improve cohesion within teams of workers in industry, education, government and businesses large or small.

Lewis has a friendly, entertaining style. He helps people to remember what they know, and what they ‘should’ know. He encourages them to use their knowledge, self-belief and self-awareness to discover and meet new challenges. They can then use this information for their own improvement, and to benefit the organisations and social networks within which they live and work.

Lewis can help you – as he has helped many others!

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Lewis Cedar

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