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Some organisations survive whilst others succeed?  What makes the difference?

We have programmes which can help people expand their knowledge base and enable them to reach greater heights of personal awareness. This will lead them to a better understanding of their fellow workers, thus enhancing the value of each member of your organisation. This may well prove to be a great way to improve the 'bottom line' of any business.

At Interpersonal Skills we work with you and your staff to build greater personal awareness and social cohesion into the workplace environment, to help achieve the following outcomes:

  • Higher productivity

  • Better teamwork

  • A happier environment in the workplace

  • Reduced absenteeism and sickness levels

  • Stronger company identification

  • Increased profitability

We can help improve morale and dynamism in teams of workers in industry, education, local government, and businesses large and small.

It has long been known that people who feel happy, secure and supported in their workplace give more to their organisation through greater motivation and increased levels of productivity and the results can often be startling!

Through our carefully constructed one day workshops, extended courses and discussion groups, we can help your staff discover more of themselves and of their colleagues, enabling them to bond more successfully. This can lead to stronger teamwork, thereby creating increased focus, motivation and determination to succeed.

Along the way, your staff will be entertained, occasionally amused and sometimes challenged. Learning works best when it incorporates an element of fun! However the focus will remain fixed: guiding your people to make the most of themselves and their colleagues, both for their benefit and for the benefit of the organisation which they represent.

Costs: 1000 per day or 200 per hour (minimum session 2 hours) plus travel time, and travel and accommodation costs (as appropriate).

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