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There is a café where I sometimes take coffee. Underneath the clock on the wall is a sign which reads: “Happiness is an inside job.”

It is said that happiness, and success, cannot be bought. However they can be learned, applied – and achieved. Every day I observe fellow human beings demonstrate through their actions that they do not know – or do not employ – simple, basic ideas that would add to their happiness and success, and to the benefit of those around them.

We have programmes, tailored to the needs of the individual, to help you discover and enhance your inner self. We can assist you to:

  • Maximise your potential, socially and in your work
  • Interact more effectively with others
  • Achieve greater success
  • Add to your knowledge base
  • Enjoy more happy days!

Let us help you. The clock is ticking!

Costs: £100 per hour (minimum session 2 hours) plus travel time, and travel and accommodation costs (where appropriate).

No-one knows how many days we have left. The question is: would you like to invest a few hours in a programme that could improve any or all of your future days?

For a free confidential discussion of your needs, call or email:

Lewis Telephone Direct: 07539 988720



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